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Road Racing cycling shoes are designed without bargain to give ideal power exchange between your foot and the pedal, a great quality road cycling shoe is an adept investment for performance and weight saving and is frequently neglected.

Innovative materials and precision manufacture keep weight down and solidness up, this means your rotational mass is lower and power exchange is higher, bringing about additional forward energy for your exertion.

Road Bike Shoes


Double-Techno-3 Push System:

The Double-Techno-3 Push System is inserted on an individual base, this speeds up wearing and taking off shoes. The focal system makes an ideal strain adjust between the shoe’s inside and outside side. The symmetrical instrument guarantees a magnificent conclusion adjusting on each instep. An imaginative button added to the monofilament clasp, if pushed, lifts the buckle to facilitate the adjustment.

Soft Instep 3 Closure System:

Sidi Wire Carbon Air Vernice Road Shoes
Sidi Wire Carbon Air Vernice Road Shoes

The SOFT INSTEP CLOSURE SYSTEM is a wide, customizable from both sides, perfectly focus the EVA pad over a high or low instep and anatomically bent strap joined with a delicate, thermo-framed EVA pad that appropriates weight equally over the instep region.The system wipes out the requirement for the High Instep Extender. The SOFT INSTEP CLOSURE SYSTEM is replaceable.

Road Bike Shoes Vent Carbon Sole:

The Vent Carbon Sole elements a light and replaceable heel pad in polyurethane to advance walkability, Replaceable heel pad and a replaceable incorporated toe cushion/vent cover. The key advantages of the Vent Carbon Sole is not just unrivaled power exchange, Vent Carbon Sole with open/close vents for 4-season comfort, on account of its light weight and stiffness, additionally warm climate comfort. The VENT CARBON Sole is planned with a coordinated vent and air channels for warmth dispersal and wind stream. The vent can be opened or shut for 4-season comfort. The VENT CARBON Sole is carefully assembled only of carbon fiber in a weave design arranged at restricting points that boost firmness while taking into account a little level of controlled flex in the toe territory. This painstakingly outlined flex biomechanically eases the weight on the plantar ligament and advances course. The VENT CARBON Sole elements a standard 3-gap boring example, printed 10 mm parallel and for/rearward projection arrangement scale and additionally the Look Memory Eyelet for simple fitting arrangement and substitution.

Sidi Ergo 4 Carbon Road Shoes
Sidi Ergo 4 Carbon Road Shoes

Sidi Heel Cup:

Reinforced cup that balances out and underpins the heel. Anatomically formed plastic reduces heel slip and gives expanded power exchange. Provides extra foot protection in case of a crash.


Replaceable Heel Pad:

For walkability, Sidi cycling shoes include a replaceable polyurethane heel pad.

About the Sidi brand:

Back in the early seventies, Most Cyclists just nailed spikes to the soles of their shoes. Obviously, that sounds insane to individuals today. In any case, it sounded insane to Dino Signori path in those days. Sidi’s Genius street shoe is a standout amongst the most prominent shoes in the expert peloton and it’s well used by people with names like Rominger, Pontoni, and Luperin. Be that as it may, Signori’s yearnings aren’t restricted to the street circuit. The test he’s set for himself and for Sidi is to give each sort of cyclist with the Best Cycling Shoe for the employment it street, rough terrain, cyclocross, or even marathon. Without a doubt, many individuals may think attempting to be the best at everything is insane. Be that as it may, on the other hand, many people thought nailing spikes to the soles of their Road Bike Shoes was a smart thought.

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