Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike for Kids, Street Bike

Are you ready to get first real taste of riding! With your little Guy Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike may be his first real taste of riding! This bike is likely best for a more adventurous child versus a timid child who is hesitant to ride.

Before you take this decision, it is essential to remember that the sum you spend will be reflected in the best quality of the road bike.You can remember that even if you want to spend less money, you can simply make upgrades & best to the bicycle or bike later.

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Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike for Kids

Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike for KidsMountain Bike

About Rowdy 16:

  • Offers a single speed and v-brakes for smooth slowing and stopping.
  • Features a lightweight and durable aluminum frame to maneuver easily and carry, when needed.
  • Designed to ride on the sidewalk, bike path around the neighborhood.
  • Made for boys ages 3-15 years old, or 39″-45″ tall.
  • Includes 16″ wheels and 2″ tires for stability.


Mountain Bike

Reasonable for either the street or a delicate trail, Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike for Kids offers a decent blend of upright solace and a forward riding plot for good control.

Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to get Rowdy with your little baby? The Rowdy 16 might be his first genuine taste of riding! Intended for young men 3-5 years of age or 39″- 45″ in tallness, the lightweight aluminum outline is anything but difficult to move when he’s riding and sufficiently light for mother or father to bear on the “uncommon” event that he’s done and as of now had a great time.

In Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike, the single speed drive prepare keeps him concentrated so he can focus on the bicycle way or walkway ahead while working on braking with the front and back v-brakes.

Raleigh Bikes

The Raleigh Jr. Mountain saddle and Soft PVC holds may resemble those found on a grown-up bicycle, yet they are intended to fit the extents of a developing kid. So prepare to get Rowdy  on the bicycle with your kid for quite a long time to come, beginning with the Rowdy 16.

Your new Raleigh Bikes Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike will arrive in part amassed. You’ll find the opportunity to utilize a little elbow oil and figure out how your new bicycle functions without starting from the beginning. All things considered, we comprehend that building a bicycle is a procedure. Get together circumstances change with understanding. You’ll be riding in somewhere in the range of 30 (gifted bicycle workman) to 120 minutes (no related knowledge building bicycles). In case you’re not happy with gathering your bicycle for any reason, please take it to your neighborhood bicycle look for help. Raleigh can’t be considered in charge of any harm caused by shameful get together.


We do what we do in light of the fact that we want to ride. What’s more, we need to impart that ride to you. So how about we meet up and get this show on the road. How about we have a chuckle and incline toward the bends. We should take this child out for a turn and see where it takes us.

Let’s ride.

Raleigh Bikes Kids Rowdy 16 Mountain Bike, One Size, Red

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