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You will need to attach clips to the Cycling or mountain bike shoes and very few include them with the collection. These are the standard outdoor or indoor cycling clips that will fit 99% of the cycling pedals in the sports & gym.

Adjustable without having to get off your bike, the men’s & woman’s mountain bike shoes offer workaday performance for hard-charging riders and racers.Exclusively available from Performance MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Bicycling Shoes



  • 2 Bolt cleat compatibility for SPD, Weight in 42cm is 346 grams
  • Crank Brothers and all MTB shoe pedals 
  • tongue center separation helps ankle move freely, No stitching mesh leather front makes shoe comfortable and lightweight
  • 3 Carbon Fiber designed Velcro Straps safely secures foot while pedaling and Carbon fiber designed heel cup provide foot stability
  • Perforated insole helps drain sweat and water from riding and environment.Double injection fiberglass-injected nylon sole makes shoe rigid while pedaling and comfortable on long rides

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Road Cycling Shoes:



  • Footbed: Fizik Cycling Insole, high-performance shoes we’ve worn
  • Upper Material: Microtex, highly breathable Microtex fabric with nylon mesh windows for ventilation
  • Closure: Boa IP1
  • Cleat Compatibility: 3-hole road
  • Sole: carbon reinforced nylon
  • it is micro-adjustable for the perfect fit


Super agreeable and super light. They don’t resemble an in-your-face road cycle shoe so they advance to easygoing exercise while offering magnificent is small scale customizable for the ideal fit. A snare and-circle conclusion at the forefoot includes a different adjustment point to keep your toes happy.

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