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Below we have compiled a short list of what we trust are the best folding mountain bikes around in modern times – we have provided a short review of each of the models and am hoping they will support you in your search for the perfect model for you.

We like folding mountain bike, as you will see below, specifically because they are particularly the perfect mountain bike for on and off-road biking – whilst also providing the strength to transport them to and from the workplace. However, there are different models out there that are freely as good – and available at a much more affordable price too!

Montague Paratrooper

The exemplary folding mountain bikes from Montague, the Paratrooper is intense, rough, and prepared for anything. It’s protected folding configuration was created under a concede from DARPA to enable airborne troopers to drop out of planes and into battle.

The Paratrooper offers 24 speeds, front suspension, mechanical circle brakes, and the RackStand for pulling gear. Handle any territory, convey your rigging, and overlap to stash in your trunk.

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Montague Paratrooper






  • Wheel Size: 26″
  • Bike Type: folding mountain
  • Folding Time: 20 sec
  • Folded Size: 36″x28″x12″
  • Approx Weight: 32lbs
  • Situated at the top of the line value, this Montague is for sure a monster that enables riders to go on harsh trails or even do earth hops easily. Intended to meet military felicity, it is sufficiently solid to withstand a drop from a plane by means of the parachute.
  • Disc brakes are strong and smoothly responsive on both front and back.
  • The ride on this Paratrooper foldable mountain bicycle is extremely steady and very much dealt with even on downhill trails.
  • The adjustable seat confirms comfortable riding postures.
  • With the snappy discharge outline, clients can create the bicycle easy inside 30 seconds.
  • The bicycle is near full get together when conveyed, it just requires connection of pedals and front wheels.

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Cyrusher FR100 Speeds Folding Mountain Bike

Cycrusher FR100 is another legitimate folding off-road bike with an eye-getting look. Outfitted with the delicate tail full suspension, the bicycle performs superbly the stun ingestion feature when moving on various sorts of street condition.

Cyrusher FR100Speciality:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The bike apply 100 percent aluminum alloy frame, the front fork and middle frame are packed with comfort shock attention.
  • Speaking of the frame, it is strong enough to withstand a noticeable amount of force.
  • LIGHT and FOLDABLE FRAME: Folding is straightforward and simple. Awesome bicycle for hitting the trails, and perfect for use as a driving bicycle.
  • The measure of 24 speed allows riders to climb high hills without much exertion. It likewise accompanies an alternative to refresh to 27 speed or change into 21 speed.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: we pay great attention to every detail of each component, ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat and anti-slip wear resistant tire.

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  • Yes, it’s available in Zamboanga city.if you want to buy it, just click the picture & complete the order.
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