Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike

Commuter Bike

Product Description:

Regardless of whether you’re a prepared bicycle suburbanite or a novice, Commuter Bicycle is the perfect worker bike. We make the hardest, most solid city bicycle. Period. Disregard the times of riding an untrustworthy half and half bicycle that kicks the bucket in the city from punctured tires, rust, or burglary – Or more terrible yet – a cumbersome, shared city bike you can’t bring home. Having as of late been highlighted on CNBC, FOX, and NPR, this robbery safe bicycle is the most discussed worker bicycle this year. In spite of the extreme, rough picture, this is not just a men’s suburbanite bicycle – 30% of Fortified clients are female bikers, as Fortified is the main city bicycle ladies and men alike trust to meet the day to day needs of a worker. City bicycles for men and ladies should be solid. So we pack these bicycles with against robbery control from the wheels, to the seat, to the handlebars. For side permeability on this suburbanite bicycle white retro intelligent decals make you sparkle. The best worker bicycles additionally need to ride in all street conditions, so we furnish Fortified city bicycles with cut safe tires that make simple work of potholes and broken glass. In the event that you’ve ever had a 10-speed bicycle or higher, you realize that they are helpless to tuning issues, so this bicycle is a 8 speed that moves quick on level ground and moves easily on slopes. At long last, we outlined our urban stallion to be a lightweight bicycle, utilizing astounding 6061 aluminum to create a little bicycle, medium bicycle, and an expansive bicycle to suit every urban worker. The bicycle comes 80% gathered. You do the rest with our magnificent online get-together guidelines. We esteem your security – dependable ride with a suburbanite bicycle cap. Weight: 26 Pounds Frame: 6061 Aluminum, Rack and Fender Mounts Fork: 6061 Aluminum w/Rack and Fender Mounts Handlebars: Promax 15 degree 20mm ascent Brakes: Tektro MD-280 Mechanical Disk Brakes Tire: 700 x 32 Puncture Resistant Derailleur: Shimano Altus, Trigger Thumb Shift Chain: KMC Rustbuster Security Bolts: Fortified Wheel Locks: Delta Fort Knox Weight Limit: 270 Pounds

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